Lawyers Helping People Emergency Relief Fund

Our healthcare heroes, first responders, nonprofits and community partners need us now, more than ever! Today, The Alabama Civil Justice Foundation would like to announce the launch of our new Lawyers Helping People Emergency Relief Fund.


Here at ACJF, we believe that everyone should have adequate food, shelter, and a safe environment in which to live and work. We realize that COVID-19 threatens many across our great state, including our healthcare heroes and first responders, who are on the frontlines defending our communities against the impacts of this disease.


Your gifts will help feed healthcare workers, provide for families deeply affected by loss of income and resources during this time, continue to protect victims of domestic violence, and help provide a safe haven to house seniors in need. We believe that through your generosity we will be able to help provide crucial services and needs for our communities during this stressful and uncertain time.


As “Lawyers Helping People,” the long term establishment of this fund will allow us to continue offering emergency relief to our nonprofit and community partners. By establishing and maintaining the Lawyers Helping People Emergency Fund, we will be able to react faster and more powerfully than ever before!

We ask that you come together to give to this great cause and help us make an impact far greater than any impact we could attempt alone.


Together – we can! Together – we will! Together – Alabama!