Our Mission

The Mission of the Alabama Civil Justice Foundation is to assist in removing barriers to a civil and just society for Alabama families and children by (1) providing financial assistance to worthwhile charitable organizations serving disadvantaged, disabled, and at risk families and children; and by (2) providing information and instruction beneficial to individual consumers and the larger community.


Participants in the Alabama Civil Justice Foundation believe that civil justice embodies the opportunity for all citizens to have adequate food and shelter, good health care, a safe environment in which to live and work, a sense of well-being, a quality education, and the chance to work and earn a living. The Foundation was created by Alabama’s legal community as a charitable philanthropy committed to this vision of civil justice. The Foundation is dedicated to the belief that this can only be realized when professionals, private citizens and government collectively address the growing barriers to such a society.

As professionals, attorneys gain a particular awareness of the needs of others, strengthening their commitment as responsible and involved citizens. Participants in the Alabama Civil Justice Foundation have combined their individual commitments to community involvement through this unique mechanism in which members of the legal community come together to reach out beyond the law, the courtroom and even their own community to help those in need.

The Foundation recognizes the importance of prevention of future problems, intervention to address current needs, and strategic planning and implementation for long term change at the local and state levels. Furthermore, the Foundation seeks to demonstrate and support a spirit of cooperation necessary to provide civil justice to all of humanity. Over all else, the Foundation believes in the value of the human spirit and its ability to grow and flourish in a world characterized by fairness and sharing.